Our company, founded at the foothills of the Dolomites, has been supplying outstanding outdoor technical socks since 1960 for walking, hiking, trekking, mountaineering, trail running, ski and everyday... Quality and performance, Made in Italy.

Men's golf socks

Discover the vast selection of golf socks for men and women made with the best quality of fine yarns with Italian manufacture. The high-end GM socks complement the equipment for the demanding golfer, which requires maximum stability in the field and a resistance to the traction exerted by the stroke.
Most golfers wear shoes with plastic or metal cleats on the sole, useful for increasing stability. But, some Golf Clubs have banned the use of metal studs, allowing the exclusive use of soft spikes. Even a major golfer like Tiger Woods when playing on the golf course does not overlook the importance of foot stability during the stroke inflicted with his favorite iron.
Our collection of socks and socks has been designed for all those who love to play golf; each sock is equipped with a stabilizing elastic band, the fabrics are breathable and the fit is anatomical to offer high-performance comfort at every round, both in strokes and in hole races.
All golf socks are made of breathable fabric and equipped with strategic cushioning to keep the skin dry and ensure maximum comfort in the field.

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