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Men's basketball socks

Basketball socks are designed to adhere to the foot usually stressed in basketball in directional changes especially internally on the toe and heel, is perfectly protected from abrasion. Heel and heel tighten to the right point without compression and basketball socks provide greater safety in support, influencing psychologically the penetration safety and during a crossover run. The rapid drying of basketball stockings, even after washing, is characterized by a soft touch effect over time.
In basketball if you use shoe models such as Nike Kobe or Durant, shoes that tend to wrap your foot like a glove, you can immediately appreciate the total comfort of basketball stockings without wrinkle formation either in static or dynamic phase even after Many hours of play.
Basketball stockings are particularly enveloping, thanks to the patent that provides a distinctive fit for the left foot and right foot, to which a dampening feel combines which seems to contribute to the cushioning of the shoe. The GM basketball stockings are also used by the Aquila Basket team in Trento militating in Serie A1 of the Italian national championship.

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