Our history


Italian family company, since 1960.


At the foothills of the Brenta Dolomites, in this lovely spot, Giorgio Montagni, the founder, hatched the idea of blending his innate passion for sport with a product that didn’t exist in Italy yet: the technical sock. He imported the necessary Bentley textile machinery capable of performing the innovative weaving of the sock’s inner sponge lining that provided greater cushioning and better wearability. The first Made in Italy sport sock thus became a reality. The next step in perfecting this product of excellence was to work together with the best athletes and mountaineers.

For 30 years Calze GM Sport participated in the Pool Sci Italia as official and sole supplier for the Italian Nordic ski and downhill ski teams, collecting 8 Olympic gold medals and 8 world cups.

In the 1980’s the British machines were progressively replaced with Italian electro-mechanical ones and, in the mid 1990’s,

Calze GM Sport became the first enterprise to prepare and deposit the patent for “socks with anatomical structure asymmetrically differentiated to fit the left foot and the right foot”.

The new millennium featured the instatement of the company’s second generation of managers: Giulia and Elisabetta Montagni. In the same period, the innovative assortment of synthetic materials and textiles, stemming from the research of the large chemical groups, renovated both the production approaches and the manner in which sports people used the products. Thanks to its development of socks suited for extreme environments, Calze GM Sport participated in the conquest of all 14 peaks above the 8,000 m altitude threshold and in the research expeditions in Antarctica.


In 2009, in step with the evolution of a greater environmental conscience, Calze GM Sport defined and started implementing the “Love our planetsustainability protocol, confirming its choice of continuing to produce in Italy and to do so according to standards certified within a highly innovative production chain.



With the evolution of new technologies, Calze GM today focuses on continuous research and product experimentation using continuously better performance yarns, privileging those of natural origin including those historically foreign to sportswear, such as cashmere for example. The challenge is to create product culture by putting in place effective communication tools and campaigns capable of making the final consumer increasingly more knowledgeable.