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Silk is a protein-based fibre produced by worms. These worms are the larvae of a particular type of butterfly, the Bombyx mori. The worms of this species secrete silk to build their cocoon, where they undergo their metamorphosis to turn into a butterfly. For centuries, in the East, men have learnt to raise these insects to obtain a high-quality fabric – silk. Silk thread is soft, thin, shiny, quite elastic and rather resistant to tearing. It guarantees the utmost sensitivity and freedom of movement. It is fresh in summer and warm in winter. In fact, not unlike wool, in spite of its thinness, it has extraordinary insulating properties (it is a poor heat conductor). It can absorb humidity up to almost a third of its own weight, it is breathable, skin-friendly, and hypo-allergenic.

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Filato Ritorto
The twisted yarn is obtained via a specific spinning technique that combines and twists different yarns together, transforming them into a single and more resistant yarn. This procedure makes the yarn more durable and sosfter.