Merino wool

MERINO GM® The original heat

antibatterico, termoregolatore, traspirante, biodegradabile

The most precious wool variety comes from the fleece of merino sheep, who are shaven every year. The fleeces obtained in this way have fine, very curly fibres, used exclusively for clothing. Soft and delicate against the skin, it interacts with the body temperature, becoming warmer when the weather is cold and releasing heat when the weather is warm. There are about twenty different parameters for classifying wool varieties. The most renowned is the fineness of the fibre, which is an expression of its average diameter. The acknowledged measuring unit is the micron (μ) which is a thousandth of a millimetre. The most prestigious wool is the kind that reaches an average diameter of less than 19.5 micron, and represents about 15% of the yearly production.



Mulesing Free
Mulesing is an extremely painful treatment practised without anaesthetic on merino sheep, characterised by removing the wool and the entire layer of dermis from the perianal area, including cutting the tail. Mulesing is widespread in Australia because farmers believe it is the only real alternative to fighting flystrike, or Myiasis – the fly larvae infection – without considering alternatives that do not cause the animals to suffer. We are committed to choosing the best “mulesing-free” crtified yarns, because we oppose cruelty to animals, and we believe this is a necessary ethical act.
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Filato Ritorto

The twisted yarn is obtained via a specific spinning technique that combines and twists different yarns together, transforming them into a single and more resistant yarn. This procedure makes the yarn more durable and sosfter.