COTTON GM® Natural wellness

confortevole, ipollergenico, dermoaffine, biodegradabile

The noblest yarns of cotton – a natural fibre of plant origin – for hypoallergenic and skincompatible socks that guarantee hygiene, freshness, and longlasting comfort. Cotton is a natural plant fibre derived from a particular process performed on the “wool” that surrounds the seeds of a plant belonging to the Gossypium species. The resulting thread is hygienic and cool. The one we select is of the highest quality and ensures long-lasting well-being for the skin.

Filato Ritorto

Organic Cotton protects the consumers’ health because it is 100% organic. It is not subjected to genetic manipulation, it is cultivated without the use of pesticides and chemical fertilisers and/or defoliants. The fabric is purified and dyed without the use of carcinogenic or allergenic colourants. The production model guarantees safe and fair work conditions both for the cotton producers and for workers in the textile production chain. It ensures dignified and socially acceptable living standards.
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100% Egyptian cotton is an excellent fabric derived from the combination of a carefully selected raw material – Egyptian cotton – and an innovative technology that literally removes any trace of fibre pilling. Even after numerous washes, it maintains a perfect structure, a greater tenacity at equal fibre diameters, and superior resistance to abrasion.
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Cotone Egiziano
Egyptian cotton is a very high quality raw material that comes from Egypt. Its signature feature lies in the fact that, compared to other types of cotton, its yarn has a smaller diameter but is more resistant. The thinness of this cotton’s yarn allows for the use of a great number of threads in the creation of light and breathable fabrics.
Ethic Cotton
Ethic Cotton is a cotton that meets the requirements of sustainable farming based on economy and protection of the enviroment through the decreased use of pesticides, less water waste, less land exploitation and more social responsibility.
Cotone Pettinato
Brushed cotton is the result of a combing procedure that puts in order the carded fibres, eliminating the shorter and weaker ones. The resulting cotton fabric is of very high quality, very strong as well as lustrous and smooth looking.
Cotone Gasato
Gassed cotton yarn is a yarn that is passed above a small flame at a preset speed. The flame burns off the short hairs of the fibre and leaves it even, smooth and resistant. It is especially lustrous.
Filato Ritorto
The twisted yarn is obtained via a specific spinning technique that combines and twists different yarns together, transforming them into a single and more resistant yarn. This procedure makes the yarn more durable and sosfter.
Zero Pilling
Zero pilling is a cloth generated from the blend of the best Egyptian cotton with an innovative technology that reduces fibre pilling to zero. It holds its perfect structure and its greater resistance and high elongation properties even after innumerable wash cycles.
Cotone Mercerizzato
Mercerised cotton is a cotton yarn that is treated in a sodium hydroxide bath. The process transforms the yarn’s section to make it more lustrous and shiny, as well as stronger and more absorbent.