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CASHMERE GM® A sensual experience

Cashmere wool comes from Hircus goats, originally from Kashmir, the North-Western region of the Indian sub-continent. These animals survive in a hostile habitat, with freezing winters and scorching summers, and, as a result, they have developed under the external, longer and rougher hair, an undercoat made up of a myriad of very soft, very fine fibres (average diameter around 15.5 micron), concentrated in a small surface which, forming numerous small gaps, reduce thermal osmosis to a minimum. Once a year, in Spring, when the weather becomes milder, the goatherds harvest the undercoat from the goats, using a delicate combing procedure, which is entirely harmless to the animals. The wool we have chosen comes from China and Mongolia. It has unique quality and priceless value, and gives the socks excellent performance in terms of softness, wearability, thermoregulation and breathability. The thermal insulation of cashmere is up to ten times greater than that of Merino wool.

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Filato Ritorto

The twisted yarn is obtained via a specific spinning technique that combines and twists different yarns together, transforming them into a single and more resistant yarn. This procedure makes the yarn more durable and sosfter.